Shockwave Gel

Contact Gel for the Extracorporal
Shockwave Application

The creation of a focal zone in extracorporeal shock wave applications requires extremely precise coupling of the therapy source, with minimal refl ection. The ELvation contact gel was especially developed to take account of this. Bubblefree after being manufactured in a vacuum, the gel's viscosity was defined to ensure simple and optimal coupling between the patient, the gel pad and the therapy source. Recommended by Richard Wolf GmbH for use with piezo shock wave Systems.




Contact Gel for the Extracorporal
Shockwave Application
• optimized focus formation
 - ESWL/ESWT formulated viscosity
 - produced in vacuum
 - absence of microbubles
 - simplifi ed bubble-free coupling of the
   gel pad to the piezo therapy source
• produced on waterbasis
• no formaldehyde
• does not harm skin
• deionized Water pH7
• no fat


--- recommended by Richard Wolf GmbH ---




Order number
1000ml                      CE /  biocompatibility according to DIN ISO 10993-5; 10993-10. Made in Germany