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Unique wound healing therapy:
The shockwave with a linear therapy focus




Richard Wolf GmbH and ELvation have developed a new and unique technology: a linear, focused shockwave. The aim was to create a shockwave that could be applied more uniformly and more effectively compared to the single ponted focus of conventional shockwaves. Gel pads are used to adjust the penetration depth to between 0 and 20 mm and to ensure that the acoustic field is optimally adapted to dermatological applications.

The focal zone of a piezo shockwave is the area where the pressure waves steepen to create a high-energy shockwave and exert the maximum mechanical pressure on the tissue in that area. The area is defi ned in such a way that the shockwave forms precisely in the target tissue with the requisite amount of energy but with only minimal trauma to surrounding tissue.
The focal zone of a linear, focused, piezo source (FBL 10x5 G2, intensity 10) has an area of 46 mm x 20 mm x 4 mm. The "direct focusing" technology of the piezo shockwave system means that the size of the focal area barely changes even when the intensity settings are changed. The penetration depth of the focal zone is pre-selected using gel pads of different thicknesses. A special feature of linear, focused shockwaves is that users can also select a "0" gel pad. Half of the focal zone remains within the gel pad, ensuring that the peak pressure in the middle of the focus occurs precisely at the skin surface.