PiezoWave2 DERM

The focused Piezo shockwave to treat wounds

Richard Wolf and ELvation have developed a new and unique linear focused shockwave. Their aim was to develop a more homogeneous and effective shockwave application compared to conventional point focused shockwaves. Using gel pads, the penetration depth can be adjusted in gradual steps to a depth of between 0 and 20 mm, optimizing the focus of the acoustic field for dermatological applications. The size of the focal zone created by the linear focused piezo therapy source (FBL10x5G2, intensity level 10), for example, measures 46mm x 20mm x 4mm. The penetration depth of the focal zone is adjusted prior to activation by applying gel pads of different thicknesses. The "0" gel pad can be used for special applications of the linear focused shockwave. With the "0" gel pad, half of the focal zone remains in the gel pad; this ensures that the peak pressure of the focal center will be focused precisely on the skin's surface.

The system can be expanded at any time by purchasing additional optionally available therapy sources.

Standard accessories:

Therapy source FBL 10x5G2 20mm to treat chronic diabetic foot syndrome
Gel pads
1 bottle ESWT contact gel, 250 ml
Foot switch
The tablet PC is not part of the unit.

Technical specifications:

External power supply: 220-240 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz
Noise level: 65 dB(A)
Classification 93/42/EEC class IIb product

Technical specifications for the therapy source:

Energy flux density: 0.018 - 0.160 mJ/mm2
Intensity levels: 20 levels
Maximum penetration depth: 20 mm

Foot-activated, hand-activated

The unit requires very little maintenance. To maximize the life of your product, we recommend the following:

Control unit
In the EU, an annual safety inspection is mandatory. This inspection should be combined with a functional check carried out by a maintenance engineer.

Therapy source
The therapy source has a guaranteed lifespan of 5 million shockwave pulses and/or 2 years. A functional check carried out by a maintenance engineer is recommended at the end of this period.