Application ESWT Woundtherapy

Easy and effective

ESWT wound healing is tolerated very well by patients and treatment is uncomplicated. Sedation or anesthesia is generally not required. To achieve optimal coupling for the transmission of shockwave energy to the focal zone, it is important to ensure that no air pockets are present on the surface. As in ultrasound examinations, the presence of air pockets between the therapy source and the target tissue must be avoided.

The main treatment steps:                                                                                                                                                                                 

1. The therapy source must be filled with fresh ultrasound gel (at least 1x per day)
2. The gel pad must be inserted in the therapy source without any air pockets
3. Insert therapy source, switch on unit and pre-select frequency and intensity 
4. Clean the wound, including performing wound debridement where necessary
5. Fill the wound with sterile hydrogel 
6. Cover wound with sterile fi lm, making sure there are no air pockets
7. Cleanse gel pad again if necessary (e.g. ethanol disinfectant)
8. Apply ultrasound gel (to the gel pad or, alternatively, to the fi lm)
9. Place gel pad on patient without air pockets, apply shockwaves, move therapy source slowly and evenly along the wound and the edge of the wound during application
11. End the application after the planned number of shockwaves has been administered. Wound care according to the own standards.

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