A Team of Strong Partners - ELvation Medical GmbH and Richard Wolf GmbH


The benefit for you

As the exclusively authorized global partner of Richard Wolf GmbH, ELvation Medical offers a unique combination of sales, services, and financing expertise.


Located in direct proximity to Richard Wolf GmbH, ELvation Medical GmbH provides expert consultation and support, allowing you to implement your ESWL project. Independently and working as a team with the ESWL specialists from Richard Wolf.

ESWL application specialists

ESWL is our business. We can support you with our own ESWL application specialists.


Our ESWL specialists train you and your employees – on site or in our own training facilities.

Financing and purchase

As medical technical equipment needs to be replaced or modernized, traditional financing methods are increasingly being replaced by innovative financing methods. The cycles of innovation for new technologies are getting shorter and shorter, making customized financing models such as “pay per procedure”, leasing, or rental models interesting for more and more suppliers of medical services. Whether you want to purchase your technology or are looking for individual financing – contact us: we are happy to talk to you.

ESWL service

Specialized in and exclusively authorized for ESWL. As a Piezolith service center, our expertise ranges from installation to immediate help in urgent cases. All over the world.