PiezoLith 3000

wolf_logo_4c. bildExtracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy with excellent performance data due to double-layer piezo technology

Wolf_01The PiezoLith 3000 is the result of continuous research and development by the company Richard Wolf GmbH, the most innovative manufacturer of piezoelectric shockwave systems.

The unique small and ergonomic design of the piezoelectric shockwave source was made possible by a new two-layer technology. Its most important quality features are excellent performance and an unusually long working life.

The PiezoLith 3000 generates shockwave energy for its highly effective and virtually painless treatment using several thousand piezo-ceramic elements. These elements are arranged as a mosaic and precisely aligned with the therapy focus.

The precisely defined focus zone offers optimal protection of the surrounding tissue. The unique preset triple focus ensures that the shockwave is optimally adapted to the hardness and size of individual stones.

Variable focus: the new Wolf high-power therapy source allows the focus to be adjusted to the size of the individual stone. This new feature means that treatment is low impact, effective and requires no anesthesia.
Wolf high-power therapy source: easily detachable with an integrated ultrasound probe for real-time monitoring.

study cambridge

Conclusions of the Cambridge study 2010:
"This study shows that, out of 58 patients with ureteric stones, lithotripsy
with the Wolf Piezolith 3000 was more successful than the Modulith SLX."