Piezo-shockwave technology ESWL

Unique Precision and Outstanding Rates of Stone Elimination

The piezo elements are arranged on a concave surface; a high-voltage pulse is used to briefly and simultaneously expand the piezo elements by a few micrometers, creating a pressure pulse. The piezo elements are aligned precisely to the therapy focus. The precise focusing of the pulse results in steepening of the shockwaves at the therapy focus. The piezo shockwave technology of Richard Wolf is currently the only shockwave system to use “direct focusing” and does not require additional reflectors. This makes the therapy source compact and ergonomic and ensures that the focal zone is precise and well defined. The technology is quiet, almost painless, and generates a strong pressure wave at the point of focus. Energy coupling is spread over a broad area, reducing the energy density at the surface of the skin and considerable decreasing the pain sensation. The precise focal zone ensures that treatment is focused and offers optimal protection to surrounding tissue. The therapy source of the PiezoLith 3000Plus is equipped with patented double-layer technology (DLT) which almost doubles the energy output, resulting in excellent disintegration of stones. Users can choose between single pulses or continuous pulse applications of 30-360 shockwaves per minute and ECG synchronization.

The PiezoLith 3000Plus has an unusually broad dynamic range with excellent performance data:

Peak pressures of up to 126 MPa
Pulse energies of up to 140 mJ
The penetration depth ranges from 165 mm (-6 dB) centrally to 200 mm (-6 dB) distally

Triple Focus – Variable Focus Adapted to the Size of the Stone

The focal size required to break up stones must fulfill various requirements. On the one hand, it needs to be small and compact so that surrounding tissue is preserved while ensuring that harder stones are still broken up effectively. On the other hand the focal size needs to be large enough to break up large stones or stone fragments. The cyclical changes in stone position due to breathing movements often also require a larger therapy focus. To permit such individual adjustments, the PiezoLith 3000Plus uniquely offers the possibility of choosing between one of three differently sized focal zones. The focal zone can be changed even during treatment. This unique variability is due to the way in which piezoelectric shockwaves are generated. Electronic activation of the double piezo layer makes it possible to create different, precisely defined focal areas.


Dual Simultaneous Real-time Localization (DSR) - The Most Precise, Continuous Form of Localization

DSR localization allows users to carry out ultrasound and X-ray localization either simultaneously, alternately, or separately. All localization systems are motor-driven and controlled. The design of the therapy source and the piezo-shockwave concept of Richard Wolf mean that the ultrasound probe can be placed “inline”, allowing continuous monitoring of shockwave lithotripsy procedures.
The “outline” concept used for X-ray localization offers optimal imaging quality and limits patient exposure to radiation. Both X-ray localization and ultrasound localization can be carried out without interrupting the shockwave lithotripsy procedure and without mechanical adjustment.