Piezo Shockwave

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Piezo-electric shockwave systems. Precise, focused and economic


Richard Wolf and Elvation Medical – two names which are almost synonymous with piezo-ceramic shockwave technology. Since more than 30 years, shockwave generation using piezo technology has been one of the most precise, effective and economic ways of generating shockwaves to treat urological stones (ESWL) and offer shockwave therapy (ESWT).

The piezo elements are arranged on a concave surface; a high-voltage pulse is used to briefly and simultaneously expand the piezo elements by a few micrometers, creating a pressure pulse. The piezo elements are aligned precisely to the therapy focus. The precise focusing of the pulse results in steepening of the shockwaves at the therapy focus.

The piezo shockwave’s „direct focusing” technology eliminates the need for additional refl ectors resulting in a compact therapy source design and a precise and well defined focal zone. The virtually painless therapy is applied quietly and energy levels can be freely adjusted with almost no adverse effect on the size of the focal zone. The piezo shockwave technology is extremely durable.

Advantages of focused piezo shockwave systems

- Excellent performance with single-layer and double-layer technology

- Piezo-electric “direct focusing” technology
– minimal superficial pain during applications

- Well defined, precise focus – perfect for diagnosis and therapy
- Uniquely durable therapy source

- Finely adjustable penetration depth using interchangeable gel pads

- Independently adjustable penetration depths and  energy levels
- Wide range of energy setting
- Low noise level