Medical Financing

Financing Medical Technology – Experienced and Highly Competent

Everyone has a right to high-quality but affordable medical care. This can be achieved by combining technological innovation with process optimization and smart financing models.

In a Nutshell

The continual modernization of medical equipment is an indispensable part of modern medicine. But it costs money. Old medical systems and technologies with their rising operative costs are additional drains on financial resources. They slow down procedures and constitute a barrier to improving quality and processes. But providers of medical services need to constantly invest in the latest medical technologies and equipment to attract patients and operate cost-effectively. When opting to modernize medical equipment, outright purchases and other traditional ways of financing are increasingly being replaced by innovative financing methods. As innovation cycles in medical technology become ever shorter, more and more providers of medical services are looking for customized financing models such as "pay per procedure", leasing and rental models.

Customized financing solutions for high-tech medical equipment. We know the ropes.

· Independent financing specialist not tied to manufacturers or banks
· Medical technology: our core competence area
· Special vendor focus on financing in robotics (DaVinci), ESWL, ultrasound, endoscopy, lifters and belectrosurgical technology
· In-depth knowledge of medical equipment
· Interesting rental models including technical services if requested
· Attractive leasing financing
· Customized and transparent solutions to create value with medical devices and supplies for hospitals and bdoctors' surgeries
· Variable financing depending on rate of utilization