daVinci surgical system

ELvation Medical will assist you in purchasing and financing your da Vinci systems from Intuitive Surgical

„da Vinci" Si and Xi surgery robots represent the most modern developments in minimally invasive procedures standing at the forefront of future trends in MIS. The robot-supported technology allows endoscopic interventions to be performed with greatly enhanced surgical precision and minimal patient stress.



By enhancing surgical capabilities daVinci is setting new standards in clinical outcomes and benefiting patients. 



ELvation Medical GmbH and Intuitive Surgical
 - Two strong partners with expertise in medical robotics

Increasingly, alternative methods are being used to finance modern, high-quality, capital-intensive goods such as daVinci systems. The year 2005 marked the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between ELvation Medical/Europe Leasing and Intuitive Surgical, which successfully combined technical and financing expertise. Based on this success we extended 2014 the cooperation to the whole european market. Our exemplary partnership has allowed numerous clinics and hospitals to finance their own da Vinci System at attractive conditions.


The benefits to you – invest in innovative medical technology and still remain flexible:

- Interesting shortterm- and longterm rental solutions
- attractive Leasing possibilities (also including incl. service)
- favorable purchase conditions
- usage-based financial planning
- individual supply contracts for accessories and service